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Feel the organic nature of things.

Boxes Lamps Frames

peals container

Light, nice in touch, handy container for peals. Stuck them together.

heban frame mirror

Mirror in strong, heban like mirror.

blue frame

Photography in blue frame.

twin mirror

Set of two mirrors in big frames.

sqare bowl

Quadratic container in spring colors.

gray frame

Unique color frame with reality accent

painting in silver frame

Landscape in custom, silver frame.

seeds texture

Seeds are just wonderful.

pinky-gray mirror

Dirty pink frame with spikes around big mirror.

easter basket

Easter basket made of paper decorated witch shrubs.

pumpkin frame

Orange, pumpkin photo frame.

mirror revers

This is how the mirrors looks like from behind.

gray frame

Unique content needs special frame.

violet frame

Violet frame with relief.

paper bowls

Different kind of recycled paper containers.

halogen update

Ceiling light hurts the eyes, but there is an easy way to fix it.

rose decorated frame

Frame with bunch of roses.

blue frame

Blue frame.

decoupage set

Lamp, bowl, frame and decoupage. Easy way to refresh and remodel old things. Recycle.

peanut bowls

Three sizees of peanut shaped bowls.

fish shaped frame

Decorative fish object.