paperpetuum logo right Recycled Paper is beautiful

Paper gives us endless possibilites of creation.

Feel the organic nature of things.

Boxes Lamps Frames

spiki tiny mirror

Purple spiky tiny mirror.

cafe frame

Frame decorated with coffe beans.


Tear shaped bowl.

relief decoration

Relief made of recycled paper.

painting in custom frame

Lady in a special frame.

pads bowl

Decorative bowl is perfect for cotton pads.

cocon lamp

Lamp shaped like a cocon. Made of recycled paper.

lamp wired

White lamp with wires around.

sketches of new lamps

Lamp projecs in sketches.

redesigned old spot light

Why not recycle old lamps and make them new?

metal lamp construction

Way to hang two lamps at once.

custom frame

Custom made frame.

box for cats


asparagus frame

Asparagus style frame.


Painting of an elephant.

electricity cover

Ceiling masking electicity cover.

green mirror

Green mirror.

remodeled table

Saved and remodeled table.

cocon with adjustment

Cocon lamp with light direction adjustment.

frame blue with holes

Mirror in navy blue frame.

white frame

White frame with red points.