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Feel the organic nature of things.

Do you have feeling, that we are wasting tones of paper? How can You help?
There are many different ways:

1. Buy an item - buing from me just keeps me going and recycling
2. Donate - if you have everything, and don't need new stuff
3. Recycle yourself.
4. Think about the Paper.

Boxes Lamps Frames

black, white, red mirror

Chess mirror with red accent.

steel flower mirror

Steel colored flower mirror.

medusa lamp

Ceiling lamp like a medusa will change the ceiling into the ocean.

bowl full of apples

Recycled paper container is great to store apples and everything else.

gold, tiny, mirror

Tiny mirror is like gold window to the magic.

purple mirror

Cute purple mirror gives cloe to any room.

long fruit bowl

Long, recycled paper, structured fruit bowl.

paper and textile lamp

Why not to recycle old blouse into the lamp? Poliester and paper.

moneysaver made of paper

How about moneysaver made of paper? Recycle your piggy bank.

big bright lampion white

White lampshade looks great hanged or directly on th floor.

lamp leg

Lamp stand made of organic discs.

stacked containers

Hide your stuff in stacked containers..

tiny orange mirror

Cute orange mirror is ideal for tiny walls.


Recycled paper bowls can be decoraten in thousands ways.

yellow lamp

Yellow lampshade just like Sun.

paper mixed with twigs

Paper lampshade made with twigs. Go Natural!

gold frame

Gold explosion frame.

simple lampshade

Simple cone lampshades will easy change thecharacter of chandelier.

blue long fruit bowl

Paper bowls age amazing inside and on the outside too.

red mirror

Double mirror in red frame. See more.

custom frame

Custom frame gives character to any painting. Great finish of your artwork.