paperpetuum logo right Recycling matters.

Saving Paper is saving the Trees, it is saving the Future.

Future is now..

Boxes Lamps Frames

goldish frame

Subtle yellow frame with gold accents.

structural frame

"Lovers" - painting in structural frame.

gold decor

Gold framed decoration.

colors of paper containers

Choose Your favourite colour bowl..

orange mirror

Mirros in weird orange frame with gold accents.

texture of paper items

Closer look on recycled paper texture.

painting in red frame

Painting in carmine frame.

blue frame

Blue loves silver.

bread container

Bread container.

florish frame orange

Oange mirror decorated with flowers.

head style frame

White frame in the shape of head.

mirror cross

Frame like cross.

gold frame

Gold structural frame. Reflection deserves beautiful enclosure.

pink bowl

Pink bowl is right for cotton buds.

picture frame blue

Blue picture frame with orange cracks..

caffe bowl

Mixed paper and cafe bowl.

green mirror

Green frame decorated with glass bids.

slot workshops happy user

Bowl decorated during the "SLOT" workshops. That was a great fun!

bowl in the shape of pyramid

Triangle bowl can be used to store candles.

pair of bowls

Recycled paper

fish shaped frame

Decorative fish object.