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Paper gives us endless possibilites of creation.

Feel the organic nature of things.

Boxes Lamps Frames

huge lampshade explosion like

Enormus lampshade in explosive shape.

fish decoration

Decoaration fish are great to paint.

recycled paper screen

Recycled paper screen decoration.

paint with paper

"Painting" made of color tissues paper.

big symetric lamp

Why not almost symetric lampshades?

red evening lamp

Red light is perfect for romantic aura.

tree shape lamp

Lamp shaped as tree.

mirror in fire frame

Mirror in fire styled frame.

bathroom lamp

Special design lamp to bathroom.

club lamp instalation

Huge, painted lamp decoration in pub.

paper lamp bottom

Crotching lamp blue made of recycled paper and blue tissue.

ghoust lamp

White lamps are giving bright, white diffused light.

colorfull bowls

Bright colored bowls.

sofa with paper finish

Organic, soft shaped sofa and table.

make your lamp

Cult, classic "Bauhaus" style lamp made of paper.

Save the trees happening.

violet lamp

Classic lamp version light.

mixed lamps

Model of the "Universe" - Educational and entertainment space.

paper decorative plate

Paper plate.

natural collection

Nice in touch containers for your hobby.

pinboard lamp

Leave a message board lamp.